What file types and resolutions are supported by Rendez-vous?

Rendez-vous player supports the following file formats:

WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, M4A, OGG, APE (PCM up to 32bit / 384kHz)
DSF, DFF (DSD up to DSD256 as DoP and Native DSD)

Why are artist and/or album names not appearing for my content, or appearing broken font?

Rendez-vous player is designed to read metadata tags for music files. If the files aren't tagged properly, they won't display the correct. Metadata tags are most commonly incorrect or missing with files such as WAV, AIFF, or DFF (DSD). A metadata tagging software capable of editing the particular file type will need to be used in order for content to display properly.


I can't see album art in the display. What's going on?

Rendez-vous player sends the metadata contained in the music file to the relevant website to obtain album art information. If the metadata is wrongly feed or has no information, there will be substitute image on a screen.


Does Rendez-vous player support Internet radio or other streaming services (besides TIDAL, Spotify and Qobuz)?

Yes, currently Shoutcast internet radio is available with high resolution audio engine. And Amazon music, Deezer, Tunein radio, Youtube and so on. Other streaming service will be added continuously through program updates..


What if I do not have an Ethernet/LAN connection in my listening room?

If LAN or Wi-Fi is not connected at the time of initial installation, you can listen to music using the ‘RDV link’ app through Hotspot. Also, if you connect a monitor, you can listen to music stored on USB or external hard drive using a mouse. For more details, please refer to the Quick Start Guide.


Can I use my Rendez-vous with Roon?

At this time, Rendez-vous-vous is not compatible with Roon. Rendez-vous player replaces the audio drive part of Android OS with a program designed for high quality sound. In addition, the hardware part is custom-designed to respond to this. Therefore, the effect of the existing self-designed high quality sound program may be reduced by Roon software.


How do I upgrade a Rendez-vous player?

  1. Unzip the upgrade file that you downloaded from Rendez-vous website, and save the file at root folder of your USB flash drive.
  2. Connect the Rendez-vous player to TV. Please make sure the Rendez-vous player is OFF status.
  3. Insert that USB flash drive into the USB port of the rear side of Rendez-vous player. Power On the Rendez-vous player.
  4. Software download will be automatically implemented, followed by software upgrade. It would take around 4 minutes and 30 seconds to see the Main Menu after inserting the USB.
  5. For more detailed information, please refer to the user’s manual on the Rendez-vous website.

Does Rendez-vous player support streaming music files from a NAS drive?

Yes. It supports. Open MUSIC app on initial main setting and select NAS icon on the upper right side of the screen in order to enter NAS settings. NAS is only available for SMB1 protocol, so you must do Samba setting at SMB1 on your NAS. For more detailed information, please refer to the user’s manual on the Rendez-vous website.


Can I use an external USB hard drive?

Yes. You can use an external USB flash drive. Rendez-vous player has two ports of USB3.0 and it has USB host controller. You can connect two external HDD or external SSD to the rear side of the Rendez-vous player. If you use one USB flash drive with Rendez-vous player, you may also use mouse or keyboard by connecting the other USB port.


Does Rendez-vous player support MQA (Master Quality Authenticated)?

Yes. Rendez-vous player support MQA. You can enjoy MQA music files from TIDAL, as well as the other compressed MQA music files that you already have from other sources.


Volume control is not available on the top side of the Rendez-vous player

Rendez-vous player is music source player. It basically connects to preamplifer or integrated amplifier. As these amplifiers basically have a volume, source player like Rendez-vous output the maximum volume in order to keep dynamic range. If you want to use the knob to change the volume level, go to the SETTINGS of main ->Sound menu and set the current default Fixed Volume into Variable Volume.


How to set the clock displayed on the Rendez-vous player and TV screen?

The initial time displayed on the front panel of Rendez-vous player or TV screen is set to the standard time of longitude zero(0) GMT. If you want to change the present displayed time to the time of your location, please follow the step below:

Go to SETTINGS of main -> Data & time menu -> Select time zone menu

Select the city of your location. Then it will automatically set the clock to your location

If you live in France and select Paris, then clock will be automatically displayed the current local time in Paris.


Does Rendez-vous player has headphone output?

As Rendez-vous player is equipped with a 3.5ø earphone jack connector on the rear side, you can enjoy high resolution music via headphone or earphone. The volume of the 3.5ø terminal can be adjusted by using the knob on the top of the Rendez-vous player. So if you want to use headphone, we strongly recommend you set VARAIBLE VOLUME at the product settings to control the volume of the headphone. Please refer to the user's manual for more details.