1. 2021

    February 15
    Changed company name as Inno GNT Co., Ltd.
    January 8
    Investment placed from Private Equity Funds
  2. 2020

    December 28
    Domestic sales commenced
    October 23
    Feasibility study and development review started for new derived models
    September 7
    Collaborating Partnership Agreement with Pan-European sales rep
    April 10
    Office moved to Yoido-dong
  3. 2019

    August 30
    Initial pilot production for Rendezvous started
    June 14
    Acquired CE approvals for Rendezvous
    May 31
    Entered production agreement with EMS factory
    January 8
    Awarded at CES2019 Innovation Awards in High Performance Home Audio or Video Category
  4. 2018

    December 24
    Capital increase. Total capital of USD2.4 million
    November 19
    Development completed. (The 1st HRAV product named 'Rendezvous')
    June 1
    Developer Agreement with Qobuz
    April 30
    HRAV patent was granted from Korean Intellectual Property Office (Customer No. 120160839013)
  5. 2017

    June 26
    Portal & API Agreement with TIDAL
    May 18
    Obtained official license from Broadcom (BCM-7268)
    February 2
    Patent for project called HRAV (High Resolution Audio Video) was applied to Korean Intellectual Property Office
  6. 2016

    December 16
    Acquired certificate of excellent company in NICE evaluation information & technology evaluation
    December 7
    Registered as an affiliated technology research institute (Kibo Technology Evaluation BBB)
    November 2
    Obtained official license from MARVELL
  7. 2013

    October 23
    Founded VR & F Corporation