Upgrade Procedure
  1. Prepare the FAT format USB stick.
  2. Unzip the downloaded version to the root of the USB stick that you have prepared. This creates a “usb_hrav” directory in the root directory of the USB, where the files “version.txt” and “” exist.
  3. Turn off the power of the product and insert the USB stick into the USB terminal on the back.
  4. Turn on the power of the product.
  5. When the firmware is installed and the initial screen is uploaded, remove the USB stick.

☞ When the USB stick containing the upgrade firmware is inserted after the upgrade, power on does not upgrade again if the version is the same as the product version.


RDV Link (operations via Android/iPad)

Download the Rendez-vous client application from Apple App store or Google Play. Search for “RDV Link”. Tap the “Install” button to download and install.

'rdv link' on Google Store

Once installed, you will see this icon App icon, VRF on your device.

If you use the Rendez-vous player with a TV, we recommend you download ‘rcu for rendez-vous’ application from Google Play. Use your mobile device as a remote control. Your mobile device should be connected to the same WiFi network or Hotspot as set on Rendez-vous player.

'rcu for rendez-vous' on Google Store